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Eye Gaze Control Inside Grid 2 March 31, 2015

The new TM5 mini eye tracker works great inside the Grid 2 speech software using either our Quick Glance legacy software or the new QuickACCESS software. See videos below showing demos of each.


QuickACCESS is EyeTech’s latest eye mouse software and is ideal for young or adult users who are interested in controlling a wide variety of Windows based applications (Words, Excel, PowerPoint, Look 2 Learn, Grid 2 or MindExpress speech software, Internet, etc). QuickACCESS uses a new HotSpot user interface. There are multiple tool bars which slides out from different parts of the screen to help conserve space on the screen. Tool bars include mouse control, scrolling, media control, keyboard shortcuts, web browsing tools, and much more. There is also a new animated calibration which is very engaging and includes a great option for custom calibration targets as well. Users who want to control the on-screen mouse cursor will enjoy the high level of accuracy both inside their favorite speech software program (Grid 2, MindExpress or others) as well as for computer access inside their favorite Windows based apps.  Also if you are running Windows 8 the QuickACCESS software has been optimized for easy controls inside Windows 8. Users can easily toggle the on-screen mouse cursor from visible to invisible which is ideal for users who in certain applications may want to not want to have the on-screen cursor in their view. In the video below you will notice when I click on the invisible cursor icon in QuickACCESS’ blue hotspot the video shows the cursor still only because I was doing the screencast. The invisible cursor does in fact work so I recommend you try it out so you can see for yourself. See video demo below.


Quick Glance is EyeTech’s legacy eye mouse software and is ideal for young or adult users who want to not have to see the on-screen cursor in their view and leverages the built-in eye gaze settings inside the Grid 2 speech software. See a demo of Quick Glance running inside the popular Grid 2 communication software with the new TM5 mini eye tracker.

Saccadous Partners with EyeTech For Neurological Disorders and Concussion Analysis Eye Tracking System February 9, 2015

EyeTech Saccadous Partner CES 2015 Demonstration

EyeTech Digital Systems has landed a new partner to bring eye tracking into a medical diagnostics solution for helping diagnose and treat neurological diseases such as parkinsons, alzheimers, as well as analyzing brain concussions on the sidelines. The device runs at 200 frames per second and is able to detect micro saccades during a short baseline screen test that has been patented by Saccadous.

For additional information or to schedule a demonstration contact or call 877-439-3832.

CES 2015 Press Release -

Featured on AZTechBeat -

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CES 2015 – 1st Multi-User Eye Tracking TV Display January 13, 2015

At CES 2015 EyeTech showed off the 1st multi-user eye tracking TV display along with several prototypes and developers kits powered by EyeTech’s latest AEye technology. For the past two decades eye tracking technology has been used only in single user, close distance range on laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs. Now with the release of EyeTech’s new AEye technology tracking multiple people at the same time at long distance ranges is a breeze all using just a single PC. EyeTech is seeking partners to bring this to market to help improve gaming, digital signage, and much more. View four cool demos of EyeTech’s powerful AEye technology to see how eye tracking will be coming soon to consumer devices to help provide a completely touch-free experience to your next display!

Smart TVs – The 1st Multi-user Eye Tracking TV Display

Eye Control Smart Phones

Eye Control Tablet

Eye Tracker Developer Kit for Gaming

About EyeTech

 Founded in 1996, EyeTech Digital Systems is a global leader in eye tracking technology.  EyeTech’s engineering expertise in eye tracking and image processing has helped companies across the globe incorporate eye tracking technology into products such as speech devices for the disabled, museum displays, automobile safety, entertainment systems, consumer product prototypes and research systems.

EyeTech’s AEye Technology Now Being Licensed In A Variety Of Eye Tracking Apps – Demos at CES 2015 December 18, 2014

EyeTech Digital Systems will have some hands-on eye tracking demonstrations powered by it’s new AEye technology  in the Sands Expo – Booth# 72034 during the CES 2015 show in Las Vegas on January 6th – 9th. Back in July 2014, EyeTech Digital Systems officially launched AEye for both Windows and Android developers and is currently bringing the tech into the following areas:

Eye Tracking On A Chip CES 2015 from EyeTech DS

“EyeTech’s new AEye technology is a smart eye tracking implementation where all the real time processing is done on a single chip. This allows eye tracking to go where it has never gone before, including applications where there is no host computer,” Robert Chappell, Co-founder/CTO of EyeTech.

Licensing Options

EyeTech can license technology at any level – firmware only, processing chip only, camera PCB or complete tracking camera with housing.

Custom engineering services and support are also available.


+ Small form factor

+ Multi-OS support

+ Stand alone capability – No PC required!

+ Flexibility – algorithms available for ARM or programmable logic

+ Robust algorithm – fast acquisition of eyes, low latency, high accuracy

CLICK HERE to request your free White Paper – “How to integrate eye tracking into my product?”

EyeTech’s new AEye technology powers thousands of devices every day to help provide faster and more natural computing and machine interaction.


For 18 years, EyeTech has been a leader in supply eye tracking to enable paralyzed individuals to communicate, operate their computer and regain their independence using their eyes to control  the PC and their world around them.

Disability Eye Control Apps

Click here to read more about Howard’s inspirational story. 

Head Mounted Displays – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Eye tracking is a natural fit for VR and AR HMD’s. EyeTech’s Eye-Tracking-On-A-Chip solution makes it ideal to run completely wireless – no extra computers or cables needed!

HMD Eye Control Apps

Digital Eyewear – Wearable Eye Tracking

With EyeTech’s local processing solution, it is now possible to create completely untethered, head-mounted solutions.

Eye tracking for Digital Eyewear


EyeTech can license firmware for running on your mobile device’s SOC.

Mobile Eye Control Apps.jpg


Eye tracking can provide another means of interfacing for games and other interactive entertainment.

Entertainment - Smart TV Eye Control Apps


Eye tracking can be used for diagnosis of certain neurological conditions and injuries. It is also being explored as an input for medical professionals in hands-free situations.

Medical Eye Control Apps


Eye tracking can be used as a hands-free input device and also as part of a safety system to measure driver alertness.

Vehicle Eye Control Apps


Digital displays can use eye tracking either as an input device or for audience metrics.

Retail Eye Control Apps


Studies have shows that eye tracking data can be used for deception detection and for user ID.

Security Eye Tracking Apps


Eye tracking has been used for decades in various research activies, including, psychology, marketing, usability, etc.

Research Eye Tracking App

ASU Cronkite News Features EyeTech User November 18, 2014

Howard Bell using EyeTech eye control tablet

Howard Bell is featured in this interview below by Wynne Lea Mancini of the ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication:

Interactive Wall Art Exhibit Controlled by Eye Tracking May 7, 2014

Interactive Wall in Art Museum - Projection Mapping Controlled with Eye Tracking

A talented developed named James from San Francisco recently purchased one of our AEye developer kits for a super cool interactive wall using projection mapping to show real-time fluid simulation for an Art Exhibit in San Francisco.

Click here to see a short demonstration video

Click here to read forum post details

James used the QuickLINK 2 API to manipulate the eye tracking data in his own program. He integrated the eye tracker into a podium so visitors simply stand in front of the podium so the eye tracker is able to automatically calibrate the user and provide an awesome interactive experience.

Nice work James!

Email to request more details on this project.

Eye Tracking on Big Screens – Imax 1,000 Inch Screen at AZ Science Center April 29, 2014

AZ Science Center Imax theater seating

We set a record last week tracking eyes on the largest screen ever , the 1,000 inch IMAX® screen at Arizona Science Center. We have been asked numerous times whether we could do eye tracking in a movie theater so we finally were able to get into the Irene P. Flinn IMAX Theater after-hours to access and run the test. See video below.

#eyetracking #eyetechds

EYEBOT Kiosk – Interactive Eye Tracking Kiosk April 21, 2014

Stand out and add an extra element of compelling interaction that engages your customers longer and with more interest in your retail store or tradeshow/corporate event with EyeTech’s new interactive EYEBOT kiosk! Now individuals visiting your store or tradeshow booth can leave with a magical experience which leaves them with a lasting impression using EyeTech’s eye tracking technology.

Rent or Buy with our 60-day Money Back Guarantee

EYEBOT Kiosk controlled entirely by sight

How the EYEBOT kiosk works?
The kiosk is set to be in attract screen mode while no one is using it. The kiosk will automatically calibrate to the users eyes once the eyes are found and simply prompts the users through a quick calibration which only takes a split second. The kiosk has built in height adjustment with a simple push button height adjustment feature which is ideal for ADA compliance for wheel chair users. See short video below of a fun interactive game that EyeTech helped design for the Guinness World Records Museum called Connect The Dots.

The EYEBOT kiosk comes pre-installed with our fully customizeable kiosk software which is called QuickKIOSK. Watch video below to see the software in action during our tech demo at the CES 2014 conference in Las Vegas.

Contact or 877-439-3832 to place your order today.

Measuring Ad Effectiveness with Eye Tracking at AdTech 2014 April 9, 2014

AdTech 2014

AdTech 2014 was a great show. We appreciate those who came out to see how our eye tracking solutions.

The Eyes Don’t Lie
Over the past 18 years we have worked with several Fortune 500 companies to provide completely unbiased data for improving ROI on their digital media designs. By tracking consumers eyes it provides immediate feedback to your design team for improving consumer experience, conversion of on-line leads and much more. Best of all, EyeTech offers a wide range of eye tracking solutions which can track where consumers look across any screen size (mobile, tablet, desktop, even TVs).



Eye Tracking on Smart Phone

Research & Training
Our eye tracking technology tracks exactly where a consumer looks. Benefits of using eye tracking for research include:

  • Web usability – user experience testing can improve PPC and organic search, shopping cart conversion and much more.
  • Impressions – measure true banner impressions – how many eyes actually looked at and/or read your banner ad, for how long, and much more valuable data metrics. Great for improving your PPC and organic search marketing spend.
  • Package design – see which design best stands out on the shelf.

Test on any screen size – mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or even TVs – and analyze your digital media (banners, websites, videos, apps, software, etc.) before you launch to improve your return on investment.

Research Solutions – EyeTech now offers a rent-to-own option starting at only $399/month.

  • VT2 mini – small and simple, magnetically mounts to the screen
  • VT2 – ideal for medium size screens 20-30 inches
  • VT2 XL – ideal for large TV displays, tracks up to 10 feet away
  • VT2 mini lab – perfect package for starting your UX lab
  • NEW! – Mobile Device Testing Stand – perfect for analyzing mobile device (smart phone or tablet) to see exactly how your customers interact with your App or Mobile website. Email to request additional information and see a live on-line demo.

Mobile Device Tracking Eye Tracking Stand

Software Plugins – Choose from a variety of research software partner plugins to meet your exact need and budget –

EyeTech Research Rent To Own

Call 877-439-3832 or visit to order today.

EyeTech’s New AEye Technology – Eye Tracking Developer Kit For Windows and Android Now Shipping March 13, 2014

Embedding eye tracking into an almost limitless number of products and categories is now becoming possible with the EyeTech ET-OEM with AEye™ technology.

EyeTech partnered with Xilinx™,to enable eye tracking to be embedded into more applications because of its small form factor, lower power consumption and low cost BOM. This new eye tracking on a chip design does not require a host PC making it the ideal embedded solution for manufacturer looking to add eye tracking capabilities to their products. Best of all the algorithm supports drivers for both Windows and Android and runs solely on an ARM Cortex A9 processor. This is ideal for manufacturers who are looking to add eye tracking into devices with strict power and size requirements.


1. Camera Board Only

 AEye Technology

2. Full solution without housing


3. Full solution with housing

 AEye mini eye tracker

New Algorithm

The new AEye algorithm is the world’s most advanced eye tracking algorithm. Over 18 years of R&D has gone into this new algorithm which works in any lighting condition and can track a users eyes even through glasses. It also tolerates more head motion than ever before. See a short video demo below:

Licensing Options

Cost effective licensing options are available including:

  1. Hardware and software solution - EyeTech manages the entire supply chain and provides both the eye tracking hardware and software so partners can easily integrated eye tracking into their own housing. Custom solutions which track at either close or long distance ranges can also be designed to meet your exact need. Over the past 18 years we have designed dozens of custom solutions for our partners.
  2. Software only solution- EyeTech’s engineering team can also license our eye tracking algorithms to work with your own hardware and help with the entire integration process.

The best way to evaluate the new AEye developer kit is to purchase an engineering sample using our 60-day money back guarantee, 2 year warranty and live on-line and over the phone support from our experienced engineering team. Call 877-439-3832 or email to talk to our experienced engineering team and request a formal quote and discuss details about your project.

Eye Tracking Developer Community from EyeTech DS

EyeTech's Eye Tracking Community

EyeTech is pleased to announce the release of, a website designed to provide developers with a community to ask questions and get answers on eye tracking.

“With the release of our new AEye technology at CES 2014, we realized there was an overwhelming need for adding eye tracking into many products and categories. We are excited to provide a on-line community where developers can find answers so they can more quickly integrate eye tracking into their products. Our simple question and answer community at will help set the eye tracking standard as the next natural user interface. ” – Keith Jackson, Director of OEM Sales


Long Distance Eye Tracking On Smart TVs – Developer Kits Now Shipping February 7, 2014

Eye Tracking on TVs

Imagine a faster and more natural way to interact with your TV completely hands-free! Imagine never having to touch a remote control, or better yet, never having to look for your lost remote to turn on and control your TV! The natural user interface technologies of voice, gesture and eye tracking were buzzing with interest at CES 2014 last month. EyeTech’s engineering team is excited to help TV manufacturers incorporate all three technologies seamlessly for consumers to enjoy in near future!

EyeTech is excited to announce that the new AEye developer kit is now shipping! Developers will enjoy API driver support for both Windows and Android. This new embedded eye tracking solution will enable TV manufacturers to add eye tracking capabilities to their nex-gen TV display with long distance tracking capability – up to 10 feet! If longer distances are needed, EyeTech’s engineering team can customize the lights and sensors to track at even farther distances. Below are two videos showing examples of TV tracking solutions which were available to demo at CES 2014:

Thales Avionics

Thales Avionics’ gesture and eye control display uses a custom eye tracking system which EyeTech’s engineering team built and works in tandem with gesture for their 1st class seating in-flight entertainment system. The user is able to control the entire screen by simply looking or swiping their hand. The user operates is operating at approximiately 6-7 feet away. EyeTech provided Thales with eye tracking hardware, software, and engineering integration support for this touch-free entertainment system, which last year won the 2013 Crystal Cabin Award for Passenger Comfort Systems.

TV Control – Autocalibrating Feature for TVs using EyeTech’s QuickKIOSK

EyeTech’s demo program called QuickKIOSK features an intelligent autocalibrating feature which provides accurate control of the TV display in just two seconds! See demo below:

#eyetracking #eyetechds

CES 2014 Wrap Up – Eye Tracking Anywhere with AEye Technology from EyeTech DS February 5, 2014

We had an overwhelming response with so many industries looking for eye tracking as the next interface. Several partner solutions were on display at the booth. Visit our press kit page for more information (high res images, video, etc.) at or for specific requests email or call 877-439-3832.

EyeTech’s unveiled its new AEye technology which now supports both Windows & Android, and is now shipping to developers to bring eye tracking into many real world applications.

AEye Technology

EyeTech showed off eye tracking applications that are currently available for gaming, mobile devices, TVs, kiosks, security, inflight entertainment, as well as a consumer peripheral to your computer. See short video demos of some of these applications and pictures below:

Eye Tracking for Smart TVs

Eye Tracking for Gaming

Eye Tracking on Tablets

TM4 mini tablet Windows 8

Eye Tracking in Airplanes

Eye Tracking on Smart Phones

Eye Tracking on Smart Phone

Eye Tracking Kiosks

Eye Tracking Kiosks

Eye Tracking for Security

Eye Tracking Consumer Peripheral – EyeOn mini eye mouse


Try before you buy with our affordable rental program. Click Here for more details on this limited time rental promotion running now through April 30, 2014.

Why Choose EyeTech?

Over the past 18 years our engineering team has designed dozens of custom eye tracking solutions for our partners. Partners choose EyeTech over other eye tracking companies because our eye tracking hardware and software solutions are very robust and easy to use and our engineering team is experienced and fun to work with. Below are recent projects we have completed many of which had tight deadlines and budgets to work with to show some examples of our work.

EyeTech Invented the 1st Windows based eye mouse with thousands of users across the world enjoying hands-free computing. In fact, Robert Chappell the CEO of EyeTech has been using his eyes has his mouse for 18 years due to a severe RSI injury he has in both hands and arms! See how Robert Chappell has used his system to compute completely hands-free using his voice to type and his eyes as his mouse in the video below:


About EyeTech
Eye tracking based on video and infrared technology has been around for several decades, but is currently undergoing a revolution due to the greatly increased capability of low-cost processing hardware and sensors. EyeTech has been on the leading edge of this revolution to bring advanced eye tracking systems to customers since 1996. Our proprietary algorithms take advantage of the latest advances in processing hardware and offer an extremely robust eye tracking experience. Some of our “firsts”:

  • Dramatically lowering the price of eye tracking systems.
  • The first “eye mouse” device to run on Windows.
  • The first compact eye tracking module to be used as an “add-on” to tablets and PCs.
  • The first compact USB eye tracker.
  • The first, high accuracy, long-distance eye tracker
  • AEye technology – unprecedented power and performance in a compact form factor.
  • Windows and Android compatibility

Eye Tracking Kiosk Naming Contest Results – EyeBOT January 28, 2014

We had many names submitted from our naming contest and the name we selected was (drum roll please……!)

EyeBot logo

EyeBOT was submitted by Mike Mann, MS, ATP at the Assistive Technology Resource Center at the University of Idaho – Coeur d’Alene. Mike won a $100 Amazon gift card for naming the product. His exact response to the on-line survey was “Seems obvious: The EyeTech EyeBOT”. Nice work Mike!

There were many names which specifically mentioned robots so we all thought EyeBOT was a perfect fit since the kiosk looks like a robot and is controlled entirely with your eyes!

Eye Tracking Kiosk

The EyeBOT is now available for lease and for sale and includes the QuickKIOSK interactive software pre-installed. Call 877-439-3832 or email to place your order today. All purchases come with our 60-day money back guarantee, 2 year warranty and live online and over the phone support.

Traveling Interactive Eye Tracking Science Exhibit – Rent-to-Own $399/Month

Eye Tracking Exhibit

Now through April 30, 2014 EyeTech will offer its Eye Tracking Technology Exhibit package for an affordable rent-to-own program at only $399/month. Call 877-439-3832 or email to place your order today!

Support & Training

Our experienced engineering team provides the best support and training in the industry. Call 877-439-3832 or email to schedule a live online webinar to learn how fun our eye tracking exhibit is for visitors of all ages.

Why Choose EyeTech

  • 18 years’ experience – many museums and science centers have integrated EyeTech’s interactive eye tracking technology into their museum. Visit for testimonials from museums who have added eye tracking to their exhibits floor.
  • Free online and over the phone support - our team will remotely share screens with you get set-up within minutes – best of all our system supports Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8!
  • Interactive & customizable QuickKIOSK software - turns an ordinary display into a fun intreractive experience that all ages will enjoy!
  • All our products are made in the U.S.A.
  • 2 year warranty
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Rent to Own Portable Eye Tracking Lab Only $399/Month January 27, 2014

EyeTech started off 2014 with a big bang – exhibiting at CES 2014, the largest technology conference of the year. There was a lot of interest in our long distance and mobile device eye tracking solutions.

Promotion – Limited Time

EyeTech Research Rent To Own

Now through April 30, 2014 EyeTech will offer its most affordable rent-to-own option ever. Rent the VT2 mini lab for just $399/month. Call 877-439-3832 or email to place your order today. All purchases come with our industry best 2 year hardware warranty and 60-day money back guarantee.

Support & Training

Our experienced engineering team provides the best support and training in the industry. Call 877-439-3832 or email to schedule a live online webinar.

Why Choose EyeTech

  • Awesome Eye Tracking SDKfull access to QuickLINK 2 API documentation, wrappers and experienced engineering team to help you stream eye tracking data into your own application
  • Eye Tracking Research Software Pluginschoose from several powerful tools to visualize and crunch data (heat maps, gaze plots, bee swarm by gender, and much more) that are both easy to use and cost effective.
  • Free online and over the phone support - our team will remotely share screens with you to help you get set-up and running your studies within minutes – best of all our system supports Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8!
  • All our products are made in the U.S.A.
  • Powerful – Flexible – Best valued eye trackers on the market
  • Global reseller network

EyeOn Mini Eye Mouse Rent-to-Own Promotion

EyeTech had a great ErgoExpo conference last month in Vegas with many Dragon NaturallySpeaking users seeing great value combining the two technologies to compute hands-free – type with your voice, control the on-screen cursor with your eyes!

Promotion – Limited Time

EyeTech Ergo Rent To Own

Now through April 30, 2014 EyeTech will offer its EyeOn mini eye mouse through an affordable rent-to-own program at only $199/month. Call 877-439-3832 or email to place your order today.

Support & Training

Our experienced engineering team provides the best support and training in the industry. Call 877-439-3832 or email to schedule a live online webinar.

Why Choose EyeTech

  • EyeTech Invented the 1st Windows based Eye mouse with thousands of users across the world enjoying hands-free computing - In fact the CEO of EyeTech has been using his eyes has his mouse for 17 years due to a severe RSI injury he has in both hands and arms! See how Robert Chappell has used his system to compute completely hands-free using his voice to type and his eyes as his mouse Visit for other user testimonials.
  • Free online and over the phone support - our team will remotely share screens with you to help users get set-up and eye control computing within minutes – best of all our system supports Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8!
  • Amazing Eye Control Software which supports multiple computers - install our QuickACCESS eye control software on multiple computers and simply plug in the EyeOn mini through a single USB connection so large companies can easily share the device.
  • All our products are made in the U.S.A.
  • Powerful – Flexible – Best valued eye trackers on the market
  • Global reseller network

Windows 8 AAC Tablet Package Rent-To-Own Promotion from EyeTech

EyeTech Digital Systems is excited to show off its latest eye gaze solutions this week at the largest assistive technology conference of the year – ATIA 2014, Booth# 115 in Orlando, FL.

Promotion - Limited Time
EyeTech TM4 mini tablet  

Now through April 30, 2014, EyeTech will offer its most affordable rent-to-own option ever. Rent the EyeTech TM4 mini tablet package for just $250/month.  The TM4 mini tablet unlocks a world of possibilities to individuals with communication and computer access needs using the Mind Express 4 or Grid 2 communication software all on the eye gaze friendly Windows 8 operating system. Enjoy access to thousands of apps in the Windows Store for playing games, watching movies, listening to music, staying connected with friends, reading and much more!

Support & Training

EyeTech will be providing training to its worldwide dealer network at ATIA 2014 on its latest QuickACCESS eye gaze software. If you would like a personal one-on-one training with us please call 877-439-3832 or to schedule a live online webinar.

 Why Choose EyeTech

  • EyeTech Invented the 1st Windows based Eye mouse with thousands of users across the world enjoying hands-free computing - In fact the CEO of EyeTech has been using his eyes has his mouse for 17 years due to a severe RSI injury he has in both hands and arms! See how Robert Chappell has used his system to compute completely hands-free using his voice to type and his eyes as his mouse Visit for many more user testimonials.
  • Free online and over the phone support - our team will remotely share screens with you to help users get set-up and eye control computing within minutes – best of all our system supports Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8!
  • Amazing Eye Control Software which supports multiple computers - install our QuickACCESS eye control software on multiple computers and simply plugin the EyeOn mini through a single USB connection so large companies can easily share the device.
  • All our products are made in the U.S.A.
  • Powerful – Flexible – Best valued eye trackers on the market
  • Global reseller network

Inspiration from Birger Jeppesen Using Eye Gaze Technology to Communicate January 14, 2014
ALS Client in Denmark

Communicates using EyeTech’s eye gaze technology

From an article published in Regional Danish Newspaper:

Birger Jeppesen’s compares and contrasts Communication Methods of the past and present.

Birger refletcs with envy upon the ability of today’s youth to text at lightning fast speeds, on the one hand, yet their borderline addiction to less than personal methods of communication, on the other hand.

He takes pride in the fact that his profession in the flower business, where he spoke on the phone for half the day, whilst earning his livelihood, brought him great joy.

Today as a completely paralyzed man he is unable to speak due to ALS. This condition has caused him many losses, but the loss of his voice is the most painful. For him this is “a loss greater than walking”. At dinner parties it now can take him up to fifteen minutes to deliver a joke or the words of wisdom on my lips.

Unlike his young assistants with all the equipment they have at their disposal, he is dependent upon the other blessings of modern technology: Writing thousands of Articles and constructing website to name two things he is able to perform on his eye controlled computer.

To him Cyberspace is a wonderful place. On Youtube he can share all of his ALS movies – even his father’s old cine films can be enjoyed by future generations. On Facebook he is slowly learning how to get as many “likes” as possible. He dreams of starting a TV-channel to even broadcast thoughts from his mind.

He speaks of Facebook as a venue of international free space in cyberspace, where there are no property rights, “a free platform for everyone who has access to a computer”. “Essentially Facebook creates a feeling of community and can contribute to a more peaceful world”, in his own words”.

He quotes his Occupational Therapist “If I was robbed of all of my options except for one, I would choose to keep the strength of communication, for with that, I should soon regain the rest”
(Falck 1984)

While a horrible disease has taken away certain privileges, “I will never again climb mountains, sing in the shower or eat a hotdog, but communication can help me with the most crucial things in life: exchanging thoughts and feelings with near and far and taking part in a community with everyone on our planet”.












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Durham University School of Business Set-ups World Class Behavioral Research Lab with Thirteen VT2 eye trackers December 3, 2013

Durham University Behavioral Research Lab

In 2013, Mangold International, a certified research software partner for EyeTech, sold thirteen EyeTech VT2 eye trackers as part of a multi-purpose Behavioral Research Lab install which included video and audio eqiupment, eye tracking devices and physiology accessories at the renowned Business School at Durham University. The final lab set-up consists of three different lab room configurations with 13 eye tracking cubicles, various workstations, a conference room and a small group room.

Click on link below for more details:

Overview of Durham University’s World Class Behavioral Research Lab

QuickACCESS Custom Calibration Targets November 19, 2013

EyeTech’s QuickACCESS software now supports custom calibration targets. See video below for more information on this new feature designed to help younger children calibrate easier by keeping their attention.

Contact or call 877-439-3832 if you have any questions.

Eye Tracking Kiosk Naming Contest for Amazon Gift Card October 30, 2013

We had a great show at the ASTC conference in Albuquerque this month. We showed off our new Eye Tracking Kiosk for the first time and had a great response. Overall, everyone loved the look and height adjustability so even individuals in wheel chairs can easily use the kiosk.

ASTC Booth 134 - Eye Tracking Exhibit from EyeTech DS

This new product doesn’t have a name yet so we thought it would be fun to open up a naming contest that everyone in the world can participate in. The prize is a $100 Amazon gift card to the person whose name we select.

Click here to submit your name idea.

Deadline is November 30,2013 so please submit as many name ideas as you would like. We received several great name ideas for this package at the ASTC conference and look forward to receiving more

Eye Tracking Kiosk

The best part of this kiosk is the easy height adjustability and easy to customize QuickKIOSK software. See video below to see what I mean.

Drawing With Your Eyes September 26, 2013

So you have always loved to create works of art, or maybe you just like to paint for fun. Why not try something new, paint with your eyes using an eye tracking system from EyeTech! See what you can do without ever picking up a paint brush. Here are a couple of amazing examples of what can be done. Believe it or not, these two works of art were created by people without the use of their hands.

Painting by Rudy Acosta

Painting by Cesar Rizzo

Dr. Rahamim Melamed-Cohen’s Painting and Story

EyeTech Partner Design Interactive Integrates EEG And Eye Tracking To Improve User Experience Testing August 2, 2013

Design Interactive Eye Tracking Solution

Design Interactive (DI) specializes in human – systems integration, including Human Performance Assessment, Training Systems Design and Evaluation, Cognitive Readiness, and Next – Generation HSI. DI develops custom and off-the-shelf eye tracking solutions to enable human performance assessment and root-cause analysis, and has been using EyeTech eye tracking solutions to do so.

According to Matt Archer, Vice President of Engineering, “DI’s eye tracking solutions take advantage of EyeTech’s hardware, which is easy to setup and integrate into existing applications using the provided SDK. In addition, there is enough detail to allow for the computation of metrics relevant to our human factors customers”.

Based on these integration factors, DI has developed eye tracking solutions for customers such as the USMC, DHS, and US Army that utilize eye tracking in innovative ways to train personnel in a custom, adaptive manner. Case studies and descriptions of the relevant projects can be found here:

How to get my EyeOn mini eye tracker funded by Worker’s Compensation or Insurance? July 9, 2013


I was talking with a new user on the phone the other day and he told me he was able to get his EyeTech eye mouse funded through the California Worker’s Compensation Department (CWCD) and I thought I would share these valuable tips so that others who are struggling with computer access can learn how they might also be able to get their EyeTech EyeOn or EyeOn mini device funded. He said it only took a few weeks which was also great news. The key is there needs to be a recommendation from your doctor for the EyeTech device showing medical necessity.

Below are the steps to follow to try and get your EyeTech eye tracker funded by your state’s worker’s compensation department or insurance.

  1. Try the EyeOn or EyeOn mini eye tracker – You can rent either eye tracker for $199/month (remember first two months rent can apply towards purchase) or purchase with our 60-Day money back guarantee. Once you see that the device works well for you then move on to step 2.
  2. Set-up an appointment  with your Doctor – Explain why you need the device to help you access the computer, remain productive or stay on the job. There needs to be a true medical necessity based on your injury. You will then need to get a prescription and a short description which clearly explains why the EyeOn or EyeOn mini eye tracker is medically necessary because of the injury/syndrome you have which may be one of the following below
    1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    2. Repetitive Strain Injury
    3. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
    4. Other
  3. Contact Your Worker’s Compensation Adjuster - Once you contact your local adjuster send over to them your Doctor’s prescription and a short write up explaining your situation and why you need the device. A short video showing yourself using the system in action could also help strengthen your case to the adjuster.  He also mentioned that each state has different laws and guidelines but for the state of California the Adjuster has 7-10 days to answer the client with a Yes/No response which is great news!

This three step process is very straight forward and I hope will help others be able to receive the help they need to get their EyeOn device funded and get back on the computer again! The device should be covered 100% by Worker’s Comp.

If you have any additional questions please call Keith Jackson at 877-439-3832 or email

AVATAR Project Lie Detector Features EyeTech VT2 Eye Tracking Technology May 15, 2013

What started out as small idea in the Computer Science Lab at the University of Arizona has evolved into a great solution which detects if you lie to it by tracking about 50 different measurements at the same time. The system is called AVATAR which stands for Automated Virtual Agent Truth Assessment in Real Time.

Check out the links below to see the system in action and learn more about the neat implementation of EyeTech’s VT2 eye tracking technology along with many other sensors from other manufacturers.

ABC 15 AZ: AVATAR lie detector: Future of lie detection happening right here in Arizona Deception Is Futile When Big Brother’s Lie Detector Turns Its Eyes on You

Eyetracking Tools Testimonial April 30, 2013

“Eyetracking-tools is a company specialized in software and hardware tools related to eyetracking. We develop custom solution for clients but also useful tools for the masses. We choose EyeTechDS eyetrackers for its highly accurate tracking and flexibility. The QuickLINK 2 API made it easy for us to develop our main two products.”

- Erik Prins, President of Validators

MorEyes: A plugin for Morae, the market leaders in usability software. With our plugin you can easily use any EyetechDS eyetracker and use it in combination with Morae. Besides the usual useful data you get from Morae, you now can observe with high accuracy where you test subject is looking at, live and remote, from the desk next to it or from an other city….Its up to you!

Also the sessions can be recorded and afterwards exported in different video formats and resolutions.

MobilEyes: A hardware and software combination that makes it possible to use a TM3 or a VT2 eyetracker on any mobile device like a tablet or mobile phone.  But the possibilities are endless, testing magazines or even packaging is possible with our solution. Eyetracking data can be overlaid on top of the scene camera recording. For the high end user we offer different type of fixation detection algorithms like size, speed and dispersion.

MythBusters® Bobblehead to 10th Anniversary April 27, 2013

[ Update Apr 27 2013: We will post further information on EyeTech technologies used in the episode at a later time. Final editing in the episode did not provide the full details of EyeTech's eye tracking providing a safe, remote controlled view of the experiment. Stay tuned! ]

The top-left corner of my desk at work is the permanent residence of a bobblehead doll. If you press the button on it, you’ll hear one of three different phrases. My favorite phrase is “When will the fun ever stop?!” For me, the fun started over 2 years ago and it hasn’t stopped yet! Jamie Hyneman, co-host of Discovery Channel’s hit show MythBusters, gave this bobbly likeness of himself to me nearly two years ago during a visit to “the shop,” as he likes to call it. This whole experience started with one short and simple email, sent as a complete shot in the dark . . .

I must have spent hours writing and re-writing that short email, and then finally wrote out the following subject line which I hoped would appeal to Jamie’s finer sensibilities: “Controlling Lasers with Your Eyes?!” That’s the kind of stuff we do here at EyeTech–we develop eye tracking hardware and software which allows you to do some really neat things using just your eye movements.

I’ve been a fan of MythBusters since episode #1, and I remember thinking one day, “I’ll bet the MythBusters would really have fun with our technology.” So, I scoured the web looking for Jamie’s email address and shot off my message to see if he was interested in having an eye tracker of his very own. Well, he wrote back!

He had some really cool ideas for what he would do with one of our devices and invited us to come to his shop (where they both film the episodes and do much of their building and busting) and gave us plenty of time to train him on our system and brainstorm how to make his ideas come to life. Now, on May 1st, 2013 at 9/8c, the 10th anniversary episode of MythBusters will air on the Discovery Channel and you’ll be able to watch the fruits of our labor in living color!

I’m not allowed to reveal it yet, but I really hope you’ll take time out to watch the show and find out exactly what Jamie and I, along with our dedicated team of engineers here at EyeTech, came up with! Then, return to this blog after the air date to get some cool behind the scenes facts (and pics) on what it’s like to work with the MythBusters . . .

-Cody Hallett, Interactive Display Sales

Design Interactive Helps Prepare Baggage Screeners Using New Eye Tracking/EEG ScreenADAPT April 26, 2013

EyeTech's Simulation and Training Research Partner Design Interactive now has released a new Eye Tracking/EEG training solution called ScreenADAPT. How can the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) better prepare baggage screeners for existing and novel threats to the air passenger transportation industry? Design Interactive is achieving this by adding a new Eye Tracking/EEG training solution called ScreenADAPT to their ADAPT (Auto-Diagnostic Adaptive Precision Training) suite of products. ScreenADAPT is a perceptual skills training system for baggage screeners that combines objective measures such as advanced eye-tracking technology and EEG (electrical brain activity) with a simple to use PC-based software to provide unprecedented access to unobservable aspects of trainee performance related to threat search and detection.

ScreenADAPT utilizes a proprietary algorithm that runs in real time to diagnose a trainee’s performance and learning state deficiencies and trigger appropriate instructional strategies and tailored feedback to address the root cause of deficiencies. Based on the resulting diagnostics, ScreenADAPT’s image generation engine creates individualized imagery in real time to target trainee deficiencies. This provides ScreenADAPT unprecedented flexibility and individualization. ScreenADAPT provides individualized feedback regarding search and scan patterns that are not available with today’s systems, and thus is an efficient and effective supplement to existing X-ray baggage screening training systems. It will better prepare baggage screeners by adaptively exposing them to tailored image sets that focus on deficiencies/inefficiencies within the unpredictable context of passenger carry-on luggage.

ScreenADAPT is not only applicable to baggage screening of carry-on luggage, but any domain in which visual search is key to success. This could include, but is not limited to, medical imagery where prospective doctors are trained to search for anomalies across a variety of image types or the intelligence community where analysts search for specific objects and threats within satellite imagery. Design Interactive now has the capability to expand the scope of adaptive training using video imagery as well, which makes it an applicable scenario-based training tool for visual search domains such as intelligence gathering, scout sniper, firefighting, and law enforcement.

Visit Design Interactive to read a case study.

Embedded Eye Tracking Solution – Eye Tracking On A Chip Interest List March 13, 2013

EyeTech Eye Tracking On A  Chip

The “Eye Tracking on a Chip” project is scheduled to have a limited number of prototypes available to send out the summer of 2013. This new  FPGA camera design puts all the processing on-chip, enabling manufacturers to integrate eye control into nearly any device including Windows 8, Android, iOS and Linux devices —from mobile devices to televisions and home or commercial electronics. Initial developer kits will include drivers that support Windows and Android.

“We’ve seen speech, touch, and gesture all work their way into mainstream consumer electronics. Now it is time to give users the most natural pointing device of all-the eyes! Our new “Eye Tracking on a Chip” technology will make this easier than ever.”

- Robert Chappell, President/CEO

EyeTech’s SMART tracker benefits include:

  • New third generation dark pupil image processing algorithms for a high level of reliability and accuracy.
  • Large head motion box enables a comfortable range of user positions.
  • Small form factor allows for easy integration in a wide range of products.
  • Low cost licensing options available.

Click Here to be added to our interest list.

If you have immediate questions you can call 877-439-3832 and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Used Eye Tracker Trade-in and Trade-up Program – $2,000 Credit

If you have old EyeTech equipment turn it in to receive a $2,000 credit towards your next EyeTech eye tracker purchase. The VT2, VT2 mini and VT2 XL eye trackers are the models which qualify for this trade-up program.

  • Click here to fill out the short form to get pre-qualified for this Trade-in and Trade-up program.

New Open Source Eye Tracking Software by Media Interaction Lab November 7, 2012

The Media Interaction Lab is a research lab hosted at the Department of Interactive Media on the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Hagenberg. The Media Interaction Lab integrates research and education, providing students with a project-based learning environment. Both undergraduate and graduate students from the Interactive Media department within the University carry out projects in the lab. Students can undertake projects in the lab as part of their studies or alternatively work in the lab as an extracurricular activity. Currently, the lab is working on a range of projects in collaboration with industry and academia.

“We found the device very useful and impressive. The implementation using C# in combination with the SDK from EyeTech was also very easy. Summarizing, it was a very nice experience working with the new EyeTech device and we can highly recommend it!”

- Michael Haller of Media Interaction Lab

Media Interaction Lab used the EyeTech TM3 eye tracker to develop a free open source software called eyeTrack.

Click Here to download the zip file to play with the software.

Eye Tracking Security – Protecting Data-In-Use Using Chameleon October 22, 2012

EyeTech’s partner, Oculis Labs has created an incredible security application called Chameleon which uses the VT2 mini eye tracker, Quick Link 2.5 API installed on a rugged Panasonic Toughbook or Dell laptop. The Chameleon laptop package protects sensitive government information by ensuring that only an authorized user can understand the contents of the computer screen. It is designed to help achieve critical security goals for government agencies and has won several awards for it’s patented data-in-use Chameleon algorithms.

Check out for more details.

Eye Tracking Makes User Logins Safer by the University of Alaska

At the University of Alaska Anchorage we have been studying how to use an eye tracker for user authentication. Our most recent project uses the image captured by the eye tracker to authenticate the user using iris recognition algorithms. Some benefits to this approach are:

  1. Authentication is easy and unobtrusive. The user simply sits in view of the eye tracker.
  2. Iris recognition algorithms can be fooled by static pictures of irises.  This technique incorporates a strong liveness test by combining gaze tracking with the iris recognition.
  3. Since authentication is unobtrusive it can be performed continuously in the background.  This eliminates the problem where a user authenticates and leaves the computer unlocked and accessible while going to perform another task.

The EyeTech TM3 was an excellent choice for our project thanks to the API that provides access to the raw image data. The combination of performance and portability makes the TM3 one of our favorite and most frequently used eye trackers.


Video demo:

We have also used the TM3 to design a gaze-based system to quickly enter passwords using an on-screen keyboard. The user simply looks at the letters in his or her password and the system clusters the gaze points to determine the password symbols.


Kenrick Mock and Bogdan Hoanca
University of Alaska Anchorage

Computer Access Software For Business Professionals Struggling with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome October 9, 2012

Since 1996 EyeTech has been measuring and listening to user feedback. EyeTech users have provided their feedback and have inspired the EyeOn mini eye tracking mouse and new time saving features included in EyeTech’s new Quick Access, making computer use with eye tracking faster and more natural than ever before. Easily access common mouse actions and keyboard shortcuts — such as cut, copy, paste, search, print, save, undo, redo, control media, and much more!

EyeOn With Quick Access Demo

Quickly Access Your PC with Hot Spots

EyeTech’s new Hot Spot user interface conserves space on a user’s screen and improves the entire user experience with quick and natural control of Windows-based programs. There are four different colored hot spots (blue, yellow, red, and green) which appear on the sides and top corners of the screen. Simply look off the screen over the Hot Spot and different mouse and keyboard functions can be quickly accessed.

New Features

“Quick Access is the best tool available for allowing eye tracking users to control all their applications. I love its powerful features and ease-of-use. It is the first interface to convince me to drop my old favorite (Quick Glance) and completely switch to something new.” (Robert Chappell, President of EyeTech, computing hands free since 1996).
  • Smarter Cursor Movement—The cursor will move more rapidly for large cursor movements while smaller cursor movements more smooth. Current users who are using EyeTech’s legacy software Quick Glance will find this new feature more natural and less fatiguing.
  • Eye Scrolling Tool—Just look near the bottom or top of a Web page or other document and let your eyes control the scrolling. This new feature is a huge time saver for avid Facebook users, blog readers, and for scrolling document where there is a lot of content.
  • Quick Pause Hot Spot—Simply look over the blue hot spot and click on the pause button to pause the cursor. The cursor stops moving and enables the user to quickly unpause by looking at the blue hot spot again. It is that simple.
  • Real-time Zoom View—Now users can zoom anywhere and see a real-time view of the screen. This is ideal for zooming in on areas where there may be moving parts, such as YouTube videos or other applications with moving controls.
  • Animated Calibration—Easier to calibrate than ever before, Quick Access provides an animated calibration with a 5, 9, or 16 point setup. At the end of the calibration a visual score is presented to help the user measure performance.
  • Hand Mouse and Eye Mouse Now Play Nicely—Simply move the hand mouse and it will smoothly override the eye mouse. The eye mouse automatically resumes control once the hand mouse is not in use for a certain amount of time that you can customize.

Free 60 Day Trial

Click Here to request your free trial of Quick Access and enjoy eye control computing that will save your arms and hands from repetitive strain injury!

Making On-screen Cursor Invisible July 30, 2012
There are many users who have asked “How can I make the on-screen mouse cursor invisible?”. Now it is possible thanks to an open source software called “NoMousy” and is available for download.
After downloading NoMousy, unzip it to a standard location, like “C:/Program Files/NoMousy/”.
Create a shortcut for the program on the taskbar or on the desktop for the NoMousy exe.
Edit the Shortcut “Target” to include the hide parameter.
Now if you launch the shortcut once, it will hide the cursor.  If you launch it a second time, it will show the cursor.
Invisible cursor for eye tracker
If you want this to be available as a shortcut key on the keyboard, you will need to install another free add-on solution.
And then run the script that came with NoMousy.

Demo Video of noMousy

Eye Tracking Software Applications July 26, 2012

Below is a list of useful apps which are compatible with EyeTech eye tracking devices. If you know of other softwares compatible with EyeTech devices please email to get it added to the list below:

To request a copy of one of these softwares email or click on one of the links below.





Quick Access
AAC link / Ergonomics link
AAC/Ergonomics Provides business professionals struggling with RSI / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with fast mouse controls you can control with your eyes.
Quick Kiosk Interactive Display Provides interactive display and digital signage with an incredible way finder or information kiosk user interface. Custom solutions can also be built upon request.
Quick Capture Research Quick Capture gaze analysis software is designed for small research projects of static images or videos to capture eye gaze data in real time. Inside the software there are three tabs (capture, playback, and slideshow). The capture and playback tabs enable researchers to save the data to a file or play it back in real time to analyze gaze patterns of small groups. The software is ideal of analyzing regions of interest on static images for product packaging, website landing pages, print advertising, billboards, etc. and is also convenient for analyzing commercials and movie trailers.
Quick Link API Developers Quick Link API allows developers to integrate eye tracking into their own applications. Some of the data accessible through the API include: X,Y gaze position for each eye, pupil size, time stamp and other valuable eye metrics which are fully accessible for developers to use at their convenience in real time. The software is written in a standard C style DLL which allows for easy use with almost any programming language. Over the past decade many companies have integrated eye tracking seamlessly into their own application using EyeTech’s powerful and easy to use Quick Link API.
EyeWorks Research EyeWorks is a robust and flexible software product, ideal for both simple and complex eye tracking research studies. Key advantages of EyeWorks include:

  • Advanced Cognitive Work Load tool, which outputs pupil metrics to evaluate workload and other cognitive functions
  • Dynamic AOIs for analysis of moving content
  • Variable data collection environments (computer screen, multi-screen interface, scene camera view)
  • Intuitive study design application
  • Quad Server, a companion program that allows researchers to store, visualize, synchronize and distribute multiple data streams (e.g. eye tracking, EEG, GSR, etc.) simultaneously
GazeTracker Research The key advantages GazeTracker offers are moving AOI’s and automatic look zone creation using their industry leading LookZone detection feature. This is ideal for Website and Usability studies while also saving a tremendous amount of time for researchers. Their Scene Camera option is also very beneficial for conducting mobile device testing (ex. iPad, tablets, smart phones, etc.). GazeTracker is the most affordable research package and is very easy to use.
Attention Tool Research Attention Tool® is a high-end customizable & scalable eye tracking software for Usability, Scientific and Market Research. Attention Tool is module based and you can customize it specifically for your needs. With the integrated survey module and other external sensors, Attention Tool is the leading software within scientific research. Universities are offered 50% discount on the Attention Tool software. Other unique metrixes are: emotional arousal based on pupil dilations, Reading metric, Automated reporting system and easy to use drag and drop style software. In addition Attention Tool has the longest software track record in the market, now reaching 16 iterations of software development for fitted client needs
Mangold Vision Research The key features of MangoldVision are:

  • Data filtering and analysis based on arbitrary questionnaires and user attributes
  • Post-hoc gaze data re-calibration
  • Project reorganization and re-recording at any time without losing previous recorded data
  • Easy project merging even if the projects have different stimuli and user attributes
  • Multi-dimensional stimulus randomization
  • Moving and morphing areas of interest on videos
  • Sharing areas of interest across recordings
  • Full user experience recording for all types of stimuli including user camera, user audio, keyboard entries and mouse actions as separate events
  • Scene Camera option for live camera view option for real world applications
Grid 2 AAC

The Grid 2 allows people with limited or unclear speech to use a computer as a voice output communication aid, using symbols or text to build sentences.

You can also access your Windows desktop and other programs, with the built in Computer Control features.

In addition to this, you can send and receive email and sms messages, browse the web, listen to music… and more too!

The Grid 2 is accessible to everybody, accepting input from eye gaze, switches, headpointer, touchscreen, mouse, and other options too. It requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Dasher AAC This eye tracker software works under MS Windows and replaces the mouse pointer with a users gaze. Below is a photo of me using Dasher to write with my eye movement. I can write at about 50-100 characters per minute (10 – 20 wpm). With further development, faster speeds should be possible.
GazeTalk AAC GazeTalk is a predictive text-entry system for severely disabled people that has a restricted on-screen keyboard with ambiguous layout. The main reason for using such a keyboard layout is that it enables the use of an eye tracker with a low spatial resolution (e.g., a web-camera based eye tracker).The goal of the GazeTalk project is to develop an eye-tracking based AAC system that supports several languages, facilitates fast text entry, and is both sufficiently feature-complete to be deployed as the primary AAC tool for users, yet sufficiently flexible and technically advanced to be used for research purposes. The system is designed for several target languages, initially Danish, English, Italian, German and Japanese.
Dynavox Series 5 AAC The Dynavox Series 5 software is a communication package which supports multiple access methods and can be customised to meet individual needs. It has templates for creating and edit vocabulary vocabulary pages, and also includes the InterAACTvocabulary, which is suitable for a wide range of ages and language abilities.The software is designed for Dynavox communication aids like the V and VMax, and can work with Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. It also features computer access and email (ability to sign up for a email account). A range of artificial voice options are included including AT&T Natural Voices.
Speaking Dynamically Board Pro AAC Boardmaker® with Speaking Dynamically Pro builds on the power of Boardmaker® Plus! with features like natural sounding voices, word prediction and more! Designed for individuals challenged by significant speech or language disabilities, Boardmaker ® with Speaking Dynamically Pro transforms any computer into a speech output device and powerful student learning tool.
Mind Express AAC Mind Express has been radically updated. The new version, Mind Express 4, is even more user-friendly and quicker to use!
The menus and options have been extensively changed: programming is simplified, intuitive and faster. Moreover, Mind Express 4 is packed with new features: multimedia, calendars, agendas, dynamic lists, freestyle pages and more.
Mind Express 4 is dynamic and geared to the life of its users. With Mind Express 4, it is faster and easier than ever before to create cells and vocabularies, develop an exercise or create an original therapy game.
Dragon Naturally Speaking Ergonomic Stop typing – and start talking. Perfect for anyone who wants an easier, faster, and more fun way to interact with your PC. Just talk to type and control your computer with your voice.
Windows 7 Voice Dictation Ergonomic Input words into word-processing programs or to fill out online forms in a web browser. You can also use Speech Recognition to edit text on your computer.
E-Z Keys AAC EZ Keys is designed for users who have a third-grade reading level or above and cannot speak or for speaking users who desire adapted computer access. Users with a wide range of disabilities find EZ Keys simple to operate and essential to everyday communication. EZ Keys allows the literate user to do everything from typing a letter, to engaging in conversation with a friend, to exploring the worldwide web. World-renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking uses the software to deliver lectures around the world, while a nine-year-old boy uses it to talk with friends and to participate in classroom activities at his school in Louisiana.
Click-n-type Ergonomic Click-N-Type is an on-screen virtual keyboard designed to provide computer accessibility to anyone with a disability that prevents him or her from typing on a physical computer keyboard. As long as the physically challenged person can control a mouse, trackball, touch screen or other pointing device, this adaptive software keyboard allows you to send keystrokes to virtually any Windows application or DOS application that can run within a window. The Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard requires Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win-7 or later. There are other onscreen virtual keyboards around but you’ll find Click-N-Type the easiest to use for getting text into problematic applications. Try them all. You’ll see they all work fine while typing into Notepad or WordPad, but when you attempt to do some real work, with all but the expensive ones, you’ll get really annoyed really fast. The Click-N-Type Soft Keyboard was designed with ease of use foremost in mind. Oh yes, it’s FREE. If you need it, you can have it. I’ve seen too many people trying to make money off disabled people.
Minspeak by PRC AAC If you show people a picture of something simple, like an apple, they will naturally associate more than one idea with that picture. People usually say the most obvious idea first – “apple” – but then they start associating more ideas – “fruit,”“red,” “eat,” “bite,” and “hungry.” Minspeak takes advantage of this natural tendency by using a small set of pictures to represent a large number of words in a communication device.
C# wrapper C# wrapper Developer QuickLinkDotNet is a .NET wrapper for the QuickLink API, which is used to control EyeTech’s line of eye trackers.

Quick Capture 2.0 Gaze Analysis Software July 17, 2012

Quick Capture gaze analysis software is designed to capture exactly where individuals look on any computer display (laptop, desktop, tablet or TV screens). The software is ideal because the user interface is extremely easy to set-up and use. Unlike other complex eye tracking softwares which take hours to learn and set-up, the Quick Capture 2.0 software is easy to set-up and conveniently saves data to a .CSV file for easy analysis later on. The software is ideal of analyzing regions of interest on static images for product packaging, website landing pages, print advertising, billboards, etc. and is also convenient for analyzing commercials and movie trailers. Inside the software there are three tabs:

Capture Tab

This tab enables researchers to capture eye gaze data and save it to a .CSV file.  A separate .CSV file is then created for each participant. Researchers can then play back the eye gaze data found in the .CSV file in the “Playback” tab or it can be aggregated manually using their own methodology. For researchers interested in doing Usability testing and saving an on-screen video capture along with gaze data overlayed then third party eye tracking softwares are also available. Visit for a list of several eye tracking softwares which are compatible with EyeTech devices.

Playback Tab

This tab enables researchers to be able to open a .CSV file for any participant and play back the X,Y gaze position showing a gaze box of where the participant looked on the screen. The user can choose their own color gaze box. If researchers want to save this replay then a free on-screen capture program tool such as  ( or commercial software programs like Camtasia also work well for saving the two data streams (eye gaze data and on-screen video capture) in one video file.

Slideshow Tab

This tab allows researchers to quickly track where participants look on digital media. Eye track on as many slides as you want. The slideshow mode then displays three consecutive slides for a specified time frame and then immediately plays back where the participant looked.

Custom Slideshow

A new “Custom Slideshow” mode is now available for researchers to create their own PowerPoint presentation and create as many or as few Look Cells for each slide shown. The percentage of time the participant spent viewing each cell is then outputed into a .CSV file for each slide. See example below:

quick capture cell gaze analysis in custom slideshow mode

An additional .CSV file is created for each slide showing X,Y gaze position, pupil size, dwell times, blink rates, and other valuable data to allow researchers to aggregate and analyze afterwards on their own time table. The .CSV file for each slide can also be opened inside Quick Capture and played back inside the Playback tab.

Click Here to download of the latest Quick Capture 2.0 software.

Eye Tracking World at CHI 2012 July 3, 2012

The CHI 2012 Conference was held in Austin, TX this year and featured four days of University projects, presentations, and usability and user experience research tools for Universities to play with. EyeTech showed off their new portable eye tracking lab which powerful eye tracking software tools.

This new package allows researchers to easily set-up and transport their eye tracking lab anywhere you want on the go. Rentals are also available for those researchers and user experience professionals who have a short term project. The entire package can be rented for $1,500/month and the first two months rent can be applied towards purchase.

Click here to request a formal quote.

Portable Eye Tracking Lab at CHI 2012 May 4, 2012

Researchers are now able to conduct eye tracking studies either in the lab or on the go. EyeTech is pleased to announce the new EyeTech VT2 mini portable eye tracking research package, the smallest remote eye tracker available on the market and more powerful than ever. The EyeTech VT2 mini is currently available and will be on demonstration May 7 through 10 at the CHI 2012 Conference (Booth# 23) in Austin, Texas.


Small, Portable & Powerful

The EyeTech VT2 mini research package comes with the EyeTech SDK (Quick Link 2 API and Quick Capture 2.0 eye tracking analysis software) pre-installed on a high powered Lenovo laptop, a second monitor and keyboard, the VT2 mini eye tracker, and all necessary cables.

Key Benefits:

  • VT2 mini eye tracker measures a small 29 x 3 x 2.5 cm (length, depth, height).
  • Tracks at > 60Hz
  • Simple magnetic mounting capability (no tools required)
  • 2 year hardware warranty with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The VT2 mini fits nicely in a compact, light-weight briefcase so researchers can easily run eye tracking studies off-site. And, it can be shipped for a fraction of the cost compared to other eye tracking systems currently on the market.

The EyeTech Research Package is available both for sale or rent. Additionally, a cost effective rent-to-own option is available to provide short term eye tracking research projects with flexible weekly or monthly rental options.


Introductory Offer - Laptop, Monitor & Portable Case Included with Every VT2 Mini Eye Tracker Purchase!

Now through June 30, 2012 EyeTech will include a Lenovo laptop, a second monitor, and keyboard with every VT2 mini eye tracker purchased at no additional cost.  The hardware supports multiple computers, allowing researchers to run studies in the office, lab, or on remote location. And, unlike other eye trackers on the market that are large, bulky, or built into the monitor, the EyeTech VT2 mini can easily attach and detach from any laptop, desktop, or tablet computer using a simple magnetic mount and USB connection.

Click here to request a formal quote.   

Eye Tracking Exhibit at AAM 2012 May 1, 2012

EyeTech Digital Systems will be showing off their latest Eye Tracking Technology Exhibit at Booth# 729 at the American Association of Museums 2012 Conference this week in Minneapolis. The device easily attaches to the bottom of both small and large displays/kiosks providing a fun and interactive hands free control experience for all ages.  The technology provides eye control from a distance of up to 10 feet, as well as tracks the eye gaze patterns of each participant to understand which media attracts the most attention.

Arizona Science Center’s Eye Tracking Exhibit

This video demonstrates one of several Museums and Science Centers across the U.S. and Europe who have recently integrated EyeTech’s industry leading eye tracking technology into their Museum exhibits. Museums can  quickly add the technology to their existing display using EyeTech’s Quick Kiosk software or develop their own custom third party application using EyeTech’s software developer kit with support from EyeTech’s experienced engineering team.

If you are unable to attend the AAM conference this week, contact EyeTech at 877-439-3832 to request a quote or demonstration. All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

About EyeTech

Based in Mesa, Arizona, EyeTech Digital Systems, Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to developing high-quality, affordable eye tracking hardware and software to be utilized in a wide variety of applications from communication aids to research studies, from museum exhibits to security systems.  When founded in 1996 EyeTech developed the first eye tracking interface to Windows, and its skilled engineering team has been designing, integrating, and building eye tracking algorithm and devices for worldwide distribution ever since.  EyeTech eye trackers and software are developed and built in the USA.



Winner of Alternative Mouse and Keyboard Contest April 19, 2012

The winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card for the “Best Alternative Mouse & Keyboard Contest” goes to John Toone. He had the the most interesting, funny and creative ways to control a mouse or keyboard. Our favorite was his creative “Ab Mouse” - you get an abdominal workout while mousing on the computer . It just goes to show there are many ways to access your computer these days.

Summary of Alternative Keyboards and Alternative Mice by John Toone:

I mounted a thumb trackball mouse to a microphone stand and used the side of my face to move the trackball and dwell software for clicking. This was very effective; however, after a few months I ended up with a pinched nerve in my thoracic outlet area.

Here is the “Ab mouse” – you get an abdominal workout while mousing on the computer. A tilt sensor is taped to a wobble seat. Again, dwell software is used for clicking.

Here is the rubber duck. I was trying to find something that I could mount the tilt sensor to that would easily move like a joystick and that I could move with my toe. I saw this rubber duck at a party outlet store and thought it would do the trick. My daughter, who collects rubber ducks, was not very happy to find out what I was doing with this.

I thought it would be helpful to maintain a natural, loose grip on a mouse, so I came up with this duct tape solution. It worked very well, again using dwell software for clicking.

I have tried many, many other things. Here are just a few more photos:

I was having trouble using my fingers for clicking, so started using a pencil in the way shown below. This just moved the issue to my elbow, where I now have cubital tunnel syndrome.

The tilt sensor taped to my foot.

Foot switch for mouse clicking.

This was kind of interesting. I taped the sensor to the clipboard and stacked everything as shown below. This tower sits on my lap and then I rest my arms on it and can mouse just by rocking back and forth and left and right.





Alternative Mouse and Keyboard Contest March 13, 2012

How many alternative mice or keyboards have you purchased over your career?

We attended the CHI 2011 conference in Vancouver and met Bill Buxton of Microsoft Research where he showed off hundreds of cool tech devices. Over the past 30 years Bill has assembed an amazing collection of computing devices. Visit to view dozens of alternative mice and keyboards he had on display.

We thought it would be fun to do a contest among business professionals who struggle with mousing because of a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Repetitive Strain Injury.

We will give away a $100 Amazon Gift Card to the person who submits the most unique and interesting story about their alternative access methods.

We hope everyone enjoys the contest.

Contest Details:

  • How to Enter Contest? – Email your story (images, YouTube videos are a plus)
  • Judging – Robert Chappell, Founder of EyeTech will be reviewing each story and selecting the winner
  • Deadline - April 15th is the deadline to submit your story
  • Prize$100 Amazon gift card
We are excited to read your stories. If you have any questions feel free to call 877-439-3832.


Why is EyeTech interested in Ergonomics?

In 1996, Robert Chappell designed the first Windows based eye tracking mouse for his own personal use due to a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) he developed from too much computer programming. In fact, he still uses the EyeOn eye tracking mouse for every day computer use. He uses the EyeOn mini for mouse control and also uses Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking to type for completely hands free computing. Robert has tried a wide variety of alternative mice but none have completely replaced the mouse like the combination of eye tracking and voice dication software. Our goal is to help business professionals who are struggling with using a keyboard and mouse everyday by helping them stay in the workforce and remain productive.


Advancing the Science of Eye Tracking March 12, 2012

EyeTech eye tracking algorithms

EyeTech Digital Systems has been designing, manufacturing, and selling eye trackers for nearly 16 years now. As you can see from the image above the hardware has come a long way. One of the things that has set us apart is the speed and reliability of our image processing algorithms used to find eye features. To understand about how this came about let’s look at the history.

In 1995 most PCs had processors with clock speeds less than 100 MHz. So the original algorithms were designed to target machines with 60 MHz processors. Most “off-the-shelf” image processing algorithms would have been too slow for these processors at the real-time speeds needed. So EyeTech developed scaled-down algorithms specifically targeted to the task at hand – find the eye and its features. These algorithms ran very fast on the Pentium and allowed EyeTech to develop the first eye tracker with these features: processing on the PC – Windows compatible – mouse replacement – real-time.

EyeTech has gradually improved the image processing – always keeping pace with current processing speeds. The result is that our eye trackers have maintained a “light” processor footprint making it ideal to interact within a variety of applications.

Gamer Access Interview from CES 2012 February 14, 2012

“One of the companies we met at CES 2012, EyeTech Digital Systems, had a technology that was easily able to be related to gaming and that was eye-tracking.” (The Gamer Access)

CES 2012 Interview: Eye-Tracking Ready for the… by NickMcCandless

Eye Tracking Technology CES 2012 Summary February 9, 2012

CES 2012 set a record for number of attendees with over 150,000! Gesture and eye tracking technologies were a hit at the show and received a lot of press coverage.

Gesture Technology

PrimeSense and SoftKinectic showed off their cool gesture control for both gaming and commercial applications such as retail where consumers can try on clothes virtually on screen. In the retail environment the user swipes their hands to scroll, pinch  their fingers together to select and then put the shirt or pants on with the same motion you are used to except this time with nothing in your hands.

Eye Tracking Technology

EyeTech received a lot of attention with the unveiling of two new eye tracking devices for both laptops and TVs. EyeTech’s new Quick Access software was also unveiled and allows consumers to quickly and accurately select inside any Windows program.

The future of computer human interaction will be a combination of:

  • Multi-touch
  • Gesture
  • Voice
  • Eye Tracking
  • Brain Wave / EEG

Want to add eye tracking technology to your laptop?

VT2 mini eye tracking developer kit

Ideal for computer manufacturers interested in integrating eye tracking technology into next generation computers (tablets, laptops and desktops). Imagine just looking to directly select any icon, control the scroll, zoom and more all with just a glance of the eyes.

How about eye tracking on your TV?

VT2 XL eye tracking developer kit for large displays

Ideal for TV manufacturers interested in integrating eye tracking technology into their next generation Smart TVs. Imagine no remote control. Change channels, adjust volume, or directly select with just a swype of the eyes.

Pre-orders are being accepted now with shipping scheduled for March 2012.

Email or call 877-439-3832 to place your order. All purchases come with our 60 day money back guarantee!

Eye Tracking System Enables Charter School VP to Compute Hands Free January 11, 2012

Howard has Muscular Dystrophy, but this hasn’t stopped him from a successful career as the Vice President of a National Chain of Private Charter Schools.We met Howard at the Arizona Science Center with a group of his students and within five minutes of being introduced to our TM4 Eye Tracker, it became obvious that this would change both his career and personal life forever! Now Howard doesn’t have to rely solely upon his personal assistant to control his computer. Howard attaches the EyeTech TM4 eye tracker to a tablet PC mounted to his wheel chair. During a typical day Howard uses his eye tracking system to:

  • Call – he often uses Skype to communicate with co-workers and friends across the U.S.
  • Send Email & Text Messages
  • Surf the web

In fact, Howard Skypes us often using his eye tracker. He is extremely proficient on the computer now. He even attended the AZTAP conference to demonstrate to other Assistive Technology professionals how eye tracking technology has helped him and how it will benefit others.

Howard had this to say about the EyeTech eye tracking system: “The freedom, independence, and happiness of being able to do something which I had long been dependent upon others to do for me, is indescribable.”

Eye Tracking Mouse Helps Business Professional Suffering from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome January 6, 2012

“I really enjoy the eye tracker software. It makes it possible for me to use my computer again allowing me to be both productive at home and at work.”

- Michael

Michael suffers from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) which prevents him from using a computer because the keyboard and mouse fatigue his arms and hands. Similar to other repetitive strain injuries (RSI) like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TOS causes heaviness and pain in the arms and hands.

For more information about TOS and treatments for TOS there is great information at the PubMed Health website.

Michael controls the entire computer using his eye movements and his voice for a completely hands free PC experience. With this set-up Michael rarely will need to use a keyboard or mouse again. This has helped him stay productive for a local fire department in the Los Angeles area where he does a lot of data entry. He uses the EyeOn eye tracking mouse from EyeTech to control the mouse. He also uses the voice recognition software built into Windows 7 to type with his voice. This combination provides a natural way for him to control the computer completely hands free!

Easter Seals Assistive Technology Update December 21, 2011

Wade Wingler of Easter Seals Crossroads Indiana Chapter demonstrates the EyeTech TM4 eye gaze system on a laptop in the video below.

Lasers Controlled by Eye Tracking April 11, 2011

Game Developer Conference 2011 at Moscone Center in San Francisco – March 2-4, 2011

Now going on 4 years of attending GDC, this year EyeTech Digital Systems got some significant press for a few reasons:

  • The first laptop with built in eye-tracking was announced recently.
  • The Microsoft Kinect does motion tracking, eye-tracking is the next step, right?
  • Instead of just interacting on a monitor with eyes, why not command a laser?

Having been featured as the “Best Tech” of GDC 2011 by Destructoid’s overview of the GDC, EyeTech showed off its ability to track a person’s eyes in real-time and move a turret with a laser.  Within a fraction of a second of looking at a point on the wall, the laser moves to the exact spot!

A five second calibration routine makes the demo scary-accurate.  The built in IR camera in EyeTech’s hardware acquires the user’s eyes in a split second. The VT1 and the VT2 models were on display at this year’s GDC.

EyeTech’s robust image processing algorithms work with a large percentage of the population and even work with most people that wear glasses.  Two IR light sources reflect off the cornea of the eye and provide a reference for the eye tracker to measure where your pupil has moved.  After an initial mapping or calibration to the corners of the screen, your actual line of sight from each eye is calculated and X-Y data is outputted by EyeTech’s Quick Glance software.

Two attention drawing demos at the GDC that use the same technology include:

1. Connect To Your PC or TV with Eye Gesture Technology – EyeTech demoed how eye gesture technology will be in the PCs, TVs and Kiosks of the future.  Already installed in a number of museums and science centers, the demo shows off EyeTech’s Quick Exhibit interactive display software which features an automated calibration and eye games including:

  • Eye Remote – TV controlled with your eye movements
  • Eye Capture – Gaze tracking software with heat-map generation
  • Eye Game control – reaction game which scores you based on the speed of your eye response
  • Eye Type – keyboard for complete hands free computer mouse for TV and PCs

2. Research and Usability Testing: GazeTracker, one of the many research software packages that work with EyeTech’s hardware, showed how it can track a person’s interactions within websites, movies, games, user-interfaces, advertisements, etc.  First setup the usability test, then people go through and use or interact with the stimulus.  Then, a number of post processing steps can be done to find out how people use (or don’t use) your UI, advertisement or website.  Heat-maps, gaze-trails and other features show initial reactions and how people really use your products, not just where they move their mouse.

Gameplay of the future. Kiosks of the future.  Improved usability and advertising now.  EyeTech Digital Systems expects to be integrated into monitors, laptops, tablets, smart phones and even cars in the coming years.  Eye tracking is a game changer that is opening new doors and changing how people expect to interact with technology.

GDC 2011 Eye Tracking Exhibit February 21, 2011

Booth: 2215
Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: March 1-3, 2011

This year at the Game Developer’s Conference, EyeTech Digital Systems will be exhibiting several exciting new eye tracking technologies in both the research and interactive display markets.  We will be unveiling the new VT2 High Speed USB eye tracker as well as an amazing new game and some fantastic prizes.

EyeTech Spotlighted for Eye Tracking November 21, 2010

EyeTech Digital Systems was spotlighted by Brigham Young University’s on-air magazine BYU Weekly.The first features an interview with EyeTech CEO Robert Chappell and demonstrates the TM4 Eye Tracker being used by assistive technology client Howard Bell. The story begins at 50 seconds at the link BYU Weekly Nov 21, 2010.

Eye Tracking Vehicle Test November 2, 2010
Image of eye tracking in car with Keith.

Tracking Device in Car

Place: Mesa, AZ

Participants: Robert Chappell and Keith Jackson

Problem: Can the EyeTech eye tracking technology successfully lock onto a driver’s eye while driving a vehicle in daylight?

Test setup: The EyeTech TM3 tracking module was attached to a laptop stand and mounted on the dashboard directly in front of the driver. The stand was held in place with a spring-loaded hardware clamp. An inverter was used to run the eye tracker power supply and a laptop computer ran on its own internal battery.


  • Reliably locked onto user’s eyes when his gaze was within the limits of the tracker.
  • We could not discern any problems caused by sunlight.
  • We drove in all directions, North, East, South, West.
  • Test occurred about 10:00 a.m. on a sunny day in Mesa, Arizona.
Image of right-side view of tracking in car.

Right-side View in Car


  • The tracker tested is promising for vehicle applications.
  • More testing needed for different times of day and night.

World of Goo with Eye Tracking October 10, 2010

At the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions the popular “World of Goo” game was played using EyeTech’s powerful long distance eye controlled TV display. The user is tracked at 7 feet away from the TV display and controls the game with just his eye gaze.