New Eye Gaze Technology Supporting Windows and Android Speech Devices Now Shipping

Mesa, AZ – (7/21/2014) – EyeTech’s new TM5 series eye tracking systems now powered by the AEye, Eye-Tracking-On-A-Chip technology.

EyeTech Digital Systems - Blog - New Eye Gaze Technology Supporting Windows and Android Speech Devices Now Shipping

EyeTech’s TM5 series brings faster and more accurate eye gaze solutions to AAC devices enabling freedom for those suffering from paralysis.

“Our new AEye module offers unprecedented tracking performance in a compact, low power, package. With on board intelligence it can operate completely on its own or attached to a variety of computing devices.” –Robert Chappell, Founder/CEO of EyeTech

AEye technology consists of the latest generation of EyeTech’s algorithms, software, and hardware and offers a superior experience for users. This includes robust tracking performance, instant acquisition, and a greater tolerance for head motion. Manufacturers of speech devices can now integrate eye gaze tracking into both their Windows and Android speech devices and enjoy:

  • Faster acquisition and reacquisition of the eyes – ideal for those who have a lot of head motion
  • Robust tracking over a range of users and environments
  • Smart – The AEye hardware comes in a compact, low-power design with all of the processing being done on the camera board – relieving the host device of the processing burden.

Assistive technology resellers who provide solutions to empower the disabled now can offer solutions which support the two largest operating systems in the world – Windows & Android.

About EyeTech

Founded in 1996, EyeTech Digital Systems is a leading eye gaze solutions provider to manufacturers of speech devices. Currently thousands of speech devices worldwide are powered by EyeTech’s eye tracking technology. EyeTech Digital Systems — Enabling freedom and knowledge for the disabled.

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