EyeTech Releases Eye Tracking SDK and OEM Module for Android

Mesa, AZ, July 22, 2014 – EyeTech Digital Systems, Inc., is now shipping a new generation of eye trackers with AEye technology featuring “Eye-Tracking-On-A-Chip.” AEye supports both Android and Windows operating systems, and provides on-board computing to expand the possibilities for high quality embedded eye tracking.

AEye hardware combines Xilinx Zync with an ARM processor on a single board for a compact, low-power design. AEye software takes advantage of FPGA processing with new robust algorithms enabling instant acquisition and reacquisition of the eyes.

EyeTech Digital Systems - Blog - EyeTech Releases Eye Tracking SDK and OEM Module for Android

The EyeTech AEye OEM Module Provides High Quality Embedded Eye Tracking with On-board Computing Supporting both Windows and Android.
EyeTech is now shipping the AEye SDK which includes hardware, software, and engineering support. EyeTech’s portfolio also includes custom eye tracking prototypes, computer interface eye tracking modules, and eye tracking modules for the disabled.
About EyeTech
Founded in 1996, EyeTech Digital Systems is a global leader in eye tracking technology. EyeTech’s engineering expertise in eye tracking and image processing has helped companies across the globe incorporate eye tracking technology into products such as speech devices for the disabled, museum displays, automobile safety, entertainment systems, consumer product prototypes and research systems.

Contact: Keith Jackson, Director of Sales and Marketing
EyeTech Digital Systems, Inc.
Phone: 1-877-439-3832
[email protected]

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