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EyeTech Digital Systems - Blog - Display WeekAstra products, who provides the front filter material for EyeTech eye trackers, invited us to demonstrate our eye tracking technology at their booth during the Display Week conference.

Markets showing interest included automotive, medical, wearables, and much more. We showed off a cool eye controlled automotive HUD which required no calibration. This which was designed by our UI motion control software partner Quantum Interface. We also demonstrated an eye controlled VR headset controlling Netflix movies with only your eyes and much more. I even ran into someone working on the Microsoft Hololens and had a chance to try out their cool gesture controlled AR headset and was impressed with how responsive it was. Overall, touch displays are the most common but there was great interest in eye tracking technology as a natural user interface for a completely touchless experience.

EyeTech Digital Systems - Blog - Display Week

Post by Brant Soler

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