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Why Choose EyeTech
  • Accuracy ± 0.50
  • Speed 80 Hz
  • Large head motion box
  • Tracking method - dark pupil,
    single or binocular
  • Dark Pupil technology functions
    in all lighting situations
  • Latency – 30 ms
  • Blink recovery time 1 fps
  • Tracking recovery time 1 fps
  • Free software updates
  • Easy USB connection
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • 2-year hardware guarantee
  • Affordable Rentals Available
    (Short/Long Term)
The VT2 mini Lab can be set up and run by people you have on staff now, and doesn’t require an advanced degree to understand and manage. The VT2 mini Lab helps you see your efforts through your customers’ eyes.

Marketing - At EyeTech we make eye tracking software and hardware solutions that enable researchers to track participants’ responses. Our affordable and compact research solutions help marketing and advertising professionals around the world gain insight into consumer reactions to their advertising and design concepts.

While looks may be deceiving, a glance isn’t. Our VT2 mini Lab is a complete eye tracking system in a convenient briefcase. Easy to set up in a matter of minutes, this powerful tool gives users a real, quantitative data set that can help create clarity and drive decision-making. Eye tracking data garnered in the form of heat maps, gaze plots, focus maps and areas of interest can help build consensus within your group, while building a competitive edge in the field.

Training – Teaching reading, and training for vehicle simulators, visual attention, sports and more can all benefit from eye tracking technology. Running subjects thorough real-life scenarios in a monitored and safe environment can improve confidence and reduce training costs with a more scientific, effective and focused approach. Parameters such as blink rate and pupil dilation help provide better understanding of a subject’s level of engagement and cognitive load.

Eye tracking is a proven way to understand cognition and engagement levels to improve training.

“Data gained through eye tracking delivers unbiased and invaluable insights into the movements, thoughts and feelings of the consumers. From mobile devices, PCs and now TVs, EyeTech's powerful suite of short range and long range eye tracking solutions track exactly where a consumer looks on any display.  Fast set-up and easy to use analysis software are enabling researchers to complete projects faster and with impressive data that improves decision making.”

– Keith Jackson,
Director of Sales & Marketing