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Why Choose EyeTech
  • Affordable licensing
  • Engineering services
  • Large head motion box
  • Single camera system
  • Available software
    customization for your business
  • Dark Pupil technology functions
    in all lighting situations
  • Free software updates
  • Easy USB connection
  • Windows compatibility
  • Personalized training
  • Made in the USA
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • 2-year hardware guarantee
Embed eye control technology in your products.

Only a short time ago, the prospect of phones or other consumer devices that were controlled and manipulated via swipes or voice seemed implausible. Today, they’re second nature. What is the next step for the future of human/device interaction? At EyeTech we believe that next move forward is eye control.

Imagine the possibilities... automotive dash control with a gaze. TV remote control. Imagine... ATM/PIN validation through iris detection. Gaming control. Medical diagnostics. Opening and closing a door with your hands full of groceries. Turn the stove on, or the coffee pot off. All of these interactive control modes and more are possible, today, with the EyeTech ET OEM board-level eye tracking developer kit.

Our proprietary dark pupil eye tracking algorithms provide a high level of accuracy, delivering excellent results no matter the lighting conditions. Our engineering team is here and ready to work with your designers, to help integrate eye tracking into your products.

At EyeTech, we created the first windows based eye tracking software as well as many other advancements that have made eye tracking a reality for individuals and businesses. Founded over 15 years ago, today, we make eye tracking software and hardware solutions that enable real-time eye tracking and eye control of computers and numerous other electronic devices. Our products are in use worldwide in various industries from public display, to medical, to consumer research.

  • In the medical disability market
    4 of the 5 top assistive technology providers choose EyeTech as their preferred eye tracking solution.
  • Our interactive display technology is currently in use at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, the Arizona Science Center and several other science centers around the world.
  • Millward Brown, the world’s second largest market research firm uses EyeTech's eye tracking technology for usability, user experience and advertising research all over the world.
“We've seen speech, touch, and gesture all work their way into mainstream consumer electronics. Now it is time to give users the most natural pointing device of all -- the eyes! Our new 'Eye Tracking on a Chip' technology will make this easier than ever.”

– Robert Chappell,