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With our latest eye tracking API, QuickLINK 2, developing your own custom eye tracking application has never been easier.

The data output through the API includes statistics for each eye, including:
  • X, Y gaze position
    (on-screen and off screen)
  • Pupil position
  • Pupil diameter (mm)
  • Time stamp
  • Glint position on pupil
  • Eye found
Many companies have integrated eye tracking into their own applications using our powerful and user-friendly QuickLINK API. QuickLINK enables software engineers to seamlessly write in most programming languages such as, but not limited to; C# and C++. Written in standard C style DLL, QuickLINK allows for easy use and interaction with a variety of other software programs.

A Visual Studio 2008 sample project is included to help developers quickly learn how to use QuickLINK. The sample project contains files that demonstrate the main functionality of QuickLINK. These files include:
  • Calibrate.cpp
    This contains the process for calibrating.
  • DisplayImage.cpp
    This contains the process for getting frames from a device and displaying them.
  • Initialize.cpp
    This contains the process for getting a device ready to use.
  • Main.cpp
    This contains the process for starting the device and getting frame data.
  • OpencvUtility.cpp
    This contains common drawing functions used by functions in other files.
  • QL2Utility.cpp
    This contains a small class that helps with explicit loading and unloading of the API.
The sample project relies on OpenCV for displaying graphical output. QuickLINK does not use OpenCV, so the OpenCV DLLs in the /bin and /bin64 folders are only there for the purpose of running the sample application.
Technical Specifications
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)

QuickLINK Screen Samples

EyeTech’s free QuickLINK 2 API enables developers to seamlessly integrate eye control into their own application. Our experienced engineering team is there for you on-site, online or by phone to help during the entire integration process.

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