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With quick and natural control of Windows-based programs QuickACCESS, our new Hot Spot user interface, conserves space on a user’s screen and improves the entire eye control computing experience.

Visually, five different colored Hot Spots (blue, yellow, red, and green) appear on the sides and top corners of the computer or other device’s screen. To access different mouse and keyboard functions, users then simply look off the screen over the Hot Spot.
Simple and elegant,
QuickACCESS features:

Smarter Cursor Movement
More natural and less fatiguing, the cursor moves rapidly for larger movements and slowly and smoothly for small movements.

Eye Scrolling Tool
Just look near the bottom or top of a Web page or other document and let your eyes control the scrolling. This new feature is a huge time saver for avid Facebook users, blog readers, and for scrolling long documents.

Quick Pause Hot Spot
To pause the cursor, simply look over the blue Hot Spot and click on the pause button. At that point, the cursor stops moving and enables the user to read a passage and move their eyes without the cursor following their gaze. To “unpause” simply look over the blue Hot Spot again.

Real-time Zoom View
Now users can zoom anywhere and see a real-time view of the screen. This is ideal for zooming in on small clickable areas where there may be many moving parts, such as YouTube videos or other applications with moving controls.

Animated Calibration
Easier to calibrate than ever before, QuickACCESS provides an animated calibration with a 5, 9, or 16-point setup.

Hand Mouse and Eye Mouse Seamlessly Integrated
A simple move of the hand mouse will smoothly override the eye mouse. The eye mouse automatically resumes control once the hand mouse is not in use for a user specified amount of time.
Technical Specifications
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, and 8 OS, 32-bit or 64-bit.

QuickACCESS Demonstration

QuickACCESS reduces mouse clicks and makes eye control computing a breeze using our proprietary Hot Spot user interface.

Quickly control all your media settings, keyboard shortcuts, website browser tools and more with a simple glance of the eyes! Eye control computing is fast, natural and accurate using the easy to use QuickACCESS Hot Spot user interface.