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EyeTech Industry Firsts
  • First Windows based eye
    tracking mouse
  • First USB eye tracker
  • First mini version eye tracker
    (smaller, thinner, faster)
  • First long distance eye tracker
“EyeTech unlocks the
world for people who
are paralyzed.”

“Eyetech provides a
solution for people
to regain their

“EyeTech products
provide unbiased feedback
and measurements for
analyzing marketing.”

“EyeTech has a
customer service core
value; friendly,
helpful demeanor.”
We offer a full line of eye tracking software and hardware solutions, and specialize in working with customers in all industries to create custom applications.

Robert Chappell, whose primary goal was to create a personal tool to help him overcome a work-related hand-strain injury, founded EyeTech in 1996. Realizing the possibilities of eye tracking as his solution, Robert quickly came upon the multiple barriers of cost and complexity associated with mid-‘90s eye tracking technology. As an engineer, Robert set out to create an integrated eye tracking solution that used available components and hardware and ran on readily available Windows computers.

EyeTech's first product, the Quick Glance 1, was the first
Windows based eye tracking mouse that ran on a single PC and operated like a traditional hand mouse. Previous to EyeTech’s introduction of the Quick Glance 1, eye tracking systems required multiple computers and only ran on limited software applications.

Subsequent products and innovations include; the first USB eye tracker, first mini version eye tracker, and the first long distance eye tracker.

Today, that company, EyeTech Digital Systems is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona and develops and sells made-in-the-USA eye tracking hardware and software for the disability, consumer research, interactive display and ergonomic markets — Enabling Freedom and Knowledge™ for individuals and businesses around the globe.
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